"The Hot Zone: Anthrax" Season 2 Main Title
All work done at Elastic.tv

Production Stills - design explorations
zooming into the newspaper headline at a microscopic pixel level, transforming into the anthrax pores.

Production Stills​​​​​​​

done in Cinema4D / Octane renderer​​​​​​​

Design Director: Jeff Han 
Designer/Animator: Lusine Arakelyan 
Compositor: Yongsub Song 
Effects Technical Director: Miguel A Salek 
GFX Editor: Javier Gonzalez 
Producer: Kevin Daly 
Deputy Head of Production: Zach Wakefield 
Executive Producer/Head of Production: Kate Berry 
Sr. Executive Producer: Luke Colson 
Managing Director: Jennifer Sofio Hall 

End Logo Sequence Design/Animation: Kill 2 Birds

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