MTV Video Music Awards 2015

concept sketches

animated by Steven Do
logo explorations
winner screen gfx
stage screen gfx
my GIF animation tests
check out more GIFs from Elastic tumblr

Design Studio: Elastic
Creative Direction: Patrick Clair & Lee Lodge
Original Illustrations & Cell Animation: Michael Relth
Designers: Paul Kim, Kevin Heo, Jeff Han, Henry DeLeon
Animators: Sam Sparks, Peter Murphy, Yongsub Song, Steven Do, Raoul Marks, Claudia Yi Leon, Trix Taylor
Editor: Doron Dor 
Assistant Editor: Pieter Vilijoen, Alyssa Oh
Associate Producer: Danny Hirsch
Producer: Carol Salek
Head of Production: Kim Christensen
Executive Producer: Jennifer Sofio Hall

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