Iron Fist
Title Sequence

Netflix x Marvel tv series

First Design Phase

Second design phase

Thank You!

Main Title Sequence by Elastic 
Creative Director:  Patrick Clair
Art Director: Paul Kim
Designers: Jeff Han, Felix Soletic
Composite and Animation: Sam Sparks, Yongsub Song 
Lead CG: Andrew Romatz
Animation: Abel Salazar, Michael Relth
Rigging / Mocap Pipeline T.D: Adam Carter
Rigging: Josh Dyer
Lighting: Ian Ruhfass
FX: Phiphat Pinyonsophon, Miguel A. Salek,  Joao Rosa
Online Editor: Dan Ellis
Producer: Andrin Mele-Shadwick, Paul Makowski, Adam Reeb
Head of Production: Carol Salek 
Executive Producer: Jennifer Sofio Hall 
Managing Director: Linda Carlson 

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